Elder Forest
A small business owned by Katie Rose and her husband, Nathan Boyce. At a young age, Katie was shown the importance of being self-sufficient, and as a lover of the outdoors, she grew a strong passion for nature’s pantry and spent many hours reading, researching, and experimenting with ideas for all-natural body care products.  

My Vision
For this project, I really wanted to showcase the love they have for their company as well as the natural ingredients they have in all of their products.
For this project, I created a landing page and brochure to help expand their target audience.
Landing Page
The Elder Forest landing page is able to showcase their all-natural pet care. Learn more about the ingredients as well as all the pleased pet parents. 

This brochure was designed to give them something to hand out at events. Filled with images of some of their most popular soaps as well as a section to get to know the company a little better.

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